Stay Cool This Summer

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Stay Cool This Summer

Place a cool damp cloth or Ice pack over the inside of your wrists or on the back of your neck.

If you live near some, spend time in the mountains. The higher you go, the cooler it gets.

Keep yourself hydrated and drink at least eight (8 oz) glasses of water per day – more if you’re very active.

If you exercise outside don't do it in the heat of the day – exercise before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

Set a bowl of ice water in front of a moving fan.

Wear loose, light-colored cotton clothing.

Soak your feet in a plastic basin of cool (not cold) water.

Fire up the grill instead of using the oven.

Have your ceiling fans blades running counter-clockwise.

Hang out in your basement – it’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler than upper floors.

Take a cold Shower.

If you have long hair, wear your hair up and off your neck.

Wet down a white cotton towel and drape it around your neck.

Open windows only in the room you’re in and the one opposite. Position a fan to blow from one window to the other to create a cross-draft.

lnstead of incandescent light bulbs, which give off a lot of heat, use LED bulbs.

Keep blinds down where the sun is shining.